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4 in one

Tags and Secure Attachment Clips for extreme rough handling

Loss of product identification causes many hassles and additional expenses. Our new 6951 tag delivers a 30 percent higher tear resistance than conventional strong high heat tags of similar thickness. Attached with our ultra strong spring steel clips loss of tags are an issue of the past.
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RFID reliable technology for Steel Slabs

One of the objectives of modern identification technology is automated monitoring of product movements. Matching shipping specifications and manifests are used to prevent errors. Automation is key and data needs to carry itself. While moving steel slabs by crane for example, conventional barcode scanning is challenging. Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) including transponders ensures secure reading of data from a distance. The system was introduced during a pilot project of shipping steel slaps from Brazil to the US. This technology has been added to our ultra durable GRAPHIPLAST® 7278 labels and is available for immediate delivery.
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GRAPHIPLAST® 7377 for 580 C / 1100 F developed further

Worldwide shipping of hot-rolled products places high demands on identification. In the rolling mill, labeling starts at high temperatures and due to high mechanical stress during loading and transport, a robust solution is required. The new, stronger GRAPHIPLAST® 7377 in 180 μ has virtually unlimited tear resistance. The improved properties such as the label’s stability make it an ideal data carrier for automatic data capture via barcode. Numerous customers have confirmed to us: GRAPHIPLAST® 7377 is the modern replacement for embossed metal tags.
Application: Secure identification at 1100 °F
Benefit: Barcode labeling at 1100 °F using conventional printers
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rough surface label

Adhesive solution for rough surface

Heat, cold, scale, saw residue and saw emulsion are just some of the challenges requiring thick layers of ultrastrong adhesive. The new PA-80-601 adhesive can be applied as an adhesive field in selected areas of the label/tag, enabling a much higher quantity of adhesive to be applied. No more additional glue has to be applied by hand from a bucket.
Application: Sticking of labels on very difficult surfaces
Benefit: Savings. It can also be used as both a label and a hangtag with attachment hole where needed.
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Combi Tag-Label

The Combi Label/Tag – A New Option

The combination of robust plastic films and adhesives with a strong glue offers benefits, e.g. in steel service centers, as it allows to attach the label/tag sticking and hanging. Up to now, the use of thick adhesive layers to achieve adequate adhesion to various steel surfaces had been its limitation, due to the residue these left in the printing systems. The combination of #7177 in 150 µ with PK-80-601 adhesive creates a combination label that achieves top performance in both applications tag or self-adhesive label. At the same time, adhesive breakout inside the printer is reduced to a minimum, due to the adhesive’s compact nature. In the true sense of the word – a neat solution.
Application: Tag or self-adh. label – optimum results for both.
Benefit: Good adhesion on difficult surfaces!
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Tag with Gudy

Strong Bonding and easy to relocate/remove

Secure identification in industrial environments requires a strong adhesive. However, some applications also require easy removal or relocation of labels (a common challenge with strong bonding). Our tags with partial high tech adhesive combine a strong bond and yet easy removal. Combo tag 9660 and label 468 also ensures that no adhesive remains on the product.
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Residue-free removal of adhesive labels

Users of labels with strong adhesion know it well – labels with a strong tack can leave adhesive or other unwanted residue when being removed from the finished product. Recently developed adhesive technology allows for high tack/strong bond that stays 100% with the labeling material, not on the surface. Additionally, when applied to a thicker and less flexible tag material, our new non-residue adhesives can even further improve easy removal of the tag/label.  The result: Adhesive applications that work and, satisfied users and customers!
Application: Strong tack without leaving adhesive residue
Benefit: Fewer malfunctions, less cleaning required for printers and residue-free finished products
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1168 Label for Icy Temperatures

Secure labeling in icy temperatures

Work processes do not take a winter break. This also applies to identification of incoming goods. In Steel Service Centers this means that labels must stick to cold, wet and frosted products. Even if temperatures are extremely low, the process must be continued. Standard labels do not adhere at temperatures below 5 °C/40 F and the goods have to be “acclimatized” before the label can be applied. This is not required with the newly developed PA-50-701 adhesive. GRAPHIPLAST® labels can now be used at temperatures to -20 °C.
Application: Secure labeling, even in winter.
Benefit: Quick and secure labeling at temperatures below!
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tag attachment

Secure Tag Attachment Solutions

Spring Steel Clips are replacing wire ropes and slings. Secure Identification requires 100% secure attachment of the data carrier to the product. We have extended our selection of clips to meet any application on the market at lowest cost. Designs and materials may be optimized to meet all your requirements.
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