Tags for Thermal Transfer Printer

Clip 8071 with 2 hole tag in coils(2)
tags with welding gun attachment on front of steel bars
RFID tags with folding perforation on steel bilets

Heavy Duty Barcode Tags for demanding Industrial Applications and Harsh Environments, Ultra Durable, Tearing Save Due to Flexible Plastics that Escape Impact, Weather Resistant, High Heat, Scratching Resistant Printing with our Steeltags ribbons, for standard thermal transfer printers. Online Ordering currently only available for standard heavy duty tags, temp resistant up to 200F/90C. Please inquire about our extensive selection of higher heat tags for up to 1100F/600C including Nomex, proprietary Poliester and a variety of other specialty Graphiplast plastic and metal tags.

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Tag Size: 4″ x 6″

Product#6080 blue

Tag Size: 4″ x 6″

Product#6080 yellow

Tag Size: 4″ x 6″

Product#6080 green

Tag Size: 4″ x 6″

Product#6080 white-add perf

Tag Size: 4″ x 6″
6080 white add perf

Product#6080 mag.-add perf

Tag Size: 4″ x 6″

Product#6080 white

Tag Size: 4″ x 3″

Product#6080 white

Tag Size: 4″ x 2″

Product#6080 / white

Tag Size: 3.2″ x 1.4″

Product#6080 / magenta frame

Tag Size: 3.2″ x 1.4″

Product#6080 / blue frame

Tag Size: 3.2″ x 1.4″

* Please note that there are a myriad of possible sizes of labels, tags and ribbon/printer combinations. If you don’t find your desired size, please inquire and so that we can recommend you the most economic standard size and material closest to your requirements. Most of our labels and tags can be equipped with RFID technology.

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